Brief Terms and Conditions

keyboard_arrow_rightChannel Partner Program is an agreement between two businesses offering services which are complimentary in nature to same group of customers

keyboard_arrow_rightThe channel partner agreement is reached through mutual discussion. Both parties should do their best to comply with agreed terms and work together to offer customers a wholesome service.

keyboard_arrow_rightChannel partner takes the lead in contacting customer, negotiate and sell an integrated service comprising of channel partner's service and that of infobanc's.

keyboard_arrow_rightChannel partner collects integrated service fee from customer and pay infobanc its share. Infobanc receives the payment and activates concerned customer's services.

keyboard_arrow_rightA sale will be deemed to be valid when customer fulfils the specified sales procedure and InfoBanc receives 100% of its share, as agreed between channel partner and infobanc

keyboard_arrow_rightA sale will be deemed invalid if the customer does not pay 100% payment or cancels order or ask for refund or use chargeback (for credit card).

keyboard_arrow_rightAll orders will be booked using procedure/stationery of InfoBanc. All payment will be made in favour of 'Ace InfoBanc Pvt Ltd'.

keyboard_arrow_rightYou will never collect cash on behalf of InfoBanc or request customer to make cheque/dd payable in favour of any entity other than 'Ace InfoBanc Pvt Ltd'.

keyboard_arrow_rightCommission is not payable for sale to your own entity. In other words, you can not be seller as well as buyer. An affiliate marketing associate can not claim commission for any sale made to his own farm or sister farm.