How Do I Integrate InfoBanc Services into Mine ?

Complimentarity in Service offering is the Key in Channel Partner Program

keyboard_arrow_rightYou should have a service that is complimentary to infobanc services. When you offer customer your service + infobanc service as one package - the result should be far better package for customer compared to your service or infobanc service taken individually, at much cheaper price.

keyboard_arrow_rightIf your service is valued at 2 and that of infobac's also at 2 - the price should be less than 2 + 2 and the value the customer gets should be 22 instead of 2 + 2.


You offer web-design service and approach an exporter/manufacturer/trader who needs a web-site for business promotion. If you offer your web-design service + infobanc trade service at a competitive price - your customer gets Web-Site + Customer Leads + Market Information - that your competitor can never offer.

Your customer needs business - return on money invested in web-site design. Through channel partner program - you offer him not just a web-site - but a business solution that will promote his business and at the same time guarantee customers.

The web-site you design gets listed in This will ensure regular customer visits, immediate indexing by Google and other search engines, good Page Rank and eventually decent search engine ranking

keyboard_arrow_rightWe shall help you integrate your service with infobanc service and arrive at a competitive price, making it a win-win-win situation where you, infobanc as well as your customer - all stand to win.

keyboard_arrow_rightWe shall help you with leads coming from your area. Hundreds of businesses enroll as infobanc free member everyday. We shall pass on leads coming from your area for follow-up.

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