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Channel Partner Program

Channel Partner Program of infobanc.com is surefire way of expanding your business without any investment
Join as Channel Partner of infobanc.com and
  • Get Business Leads from your City/Region - Add New Customers without spending any money on marketing
  • Promote your business through infobanc - a portal receiving 1.5 million page views every month
  • Leave your competitors behind with value added product/service
Your business goals remain same - you stand to keep all new customers acquired through infobanc and continue to expand your business
All you need to do is to club infobanc services with your own service and offer the enriched service to those customers who stand to gain from such value added services - such as exporters, manufacturers, traders, importers etc.
infobanc.com is a leading b2b trade portal in the world, helping manufacturers and exporters to market their products/services using Internet since 1997. infobanc.com receives over 1.5 million page views every month and has been ranked among top 25 b2b portals in the world by industry leaders such as b2bbyte.com, Google Directory, bridgat.com etc.
Associating your business with infobanc.com will add prestige and glamour to your business, besides enriching your services, scoring over your competitors and bringing new customers
Infobanc offers trade services, which is complimentary to your line of business. When you club your service with that of infobanc's - the result is a far more potent, attractive and inexpensive solution compared to what your competitors are offering
To join as Channel Partner - please contact us giving your background, present services, preferred geographic region and plan of work (if any)

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